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Here at Morgan & Clarke, our offices generally cover the entirety of the South East, London, the South West and the East of England.

However, we are happy to travel further afield on a case by case basis.

Morgan & Clarke are one of the market leaders in specialist chartered surveying services throughout the licensed and leisure sector of the UK property market.

Our offices are specifically based in Somerset, Dorset, London, and East Sussex.

We are a tight-knit team, packed with experience, knowledge, and ability to assist operators of public houses, bars, restaurants and more.

Morgan & Clarke offers a range of valuation and professional services bespoke to our client base, with an unparalleled depth of understanding in technical areas such as the Pubs Code, rent rent review, and lease renewals

Acting across a broad spectrum of freehold and leasehold clients, we have valuable and independent perspective of the market, formed over many years. Originally founded in the summer of 1985, a firm of licensed property consultants, DMP Chartered Surveyors as we were then known, was established under David Morgan. Fast forward to 2011, Morgan & Clarke Chartered Surveyors came to fruition. Whilst the name changed our ethos did not. 

Client confidence is our watchword, which translates into honest professional advice and representation. Morgan & Clarke has a strong reputation amongst tenants and lessees, we do not accept instructions to advise or act for Pub Companies or any large landlords for that matter and we will never do so. Our independence of thinking and quality of client advice is of paramount importance to us.



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