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The Pubs Advisory


Pubs Advisory Service

The Pubs Advisory Service (PAS) assists tenants & licensees in the licensed and leisure property sector to build and develop their pub business to achieve its optimum profitability and success. Morgan & Clarke have been working in conjunction with PAS for many years now and fully recommend them for their depth of knowledge.


Whether running your own freehold pub or battling with the difficulties of being a pub operator. Running a pub takes hard work, you start early and work late, you must be a jack of all trades, cellar expert, salesperson, accountant, HR expert, health and safety officer, social worker and most importantly, the host. The Pubs Advisory Service is there to help and ensure you get the best possible information and support, allowing you to get on with doing what you do best, growing and developing your pub business.


The Pubs Advisory Service was set up after the Government responded to the Business Innovation and Skills Committee Pub Company report in 2011. New tenants entering the licensed trade needed independent advice on a variety of issues and the advice would help with the due diligence needed to succeed and run a profitable pub business. Quickly it then showed that more experienced tenants and pub operators were struggling to keep up with regulatory changes and the many complications of dealing with brewers and pub-owning businesses. Change in the trade is rapid and this looks like being the case for the foreseeable future meaning quality up to date information, education and training has never been more important.


This is highlighted by the recent introduction of the Pubs Code and the role of the new Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA), something that has provided opportunities for publicans but also has thrown up several difficult complications.


The Pubs Advisory Service will help demystify the common misunderstandings and answer the frequently asked when people are thinking of running a pub. There is great interest surrounding the Market Rent Only (MRO) option, PAS represents tied tenants and lessees exercising their rights. Navigating the Pubs Code can be overwhelming, PAS has been involved since the inception of legislation and was consulted with by Government. No one is more aware or informed when it comes to MRO or the Pubs Code.


It is well documented in the press that the Pubs Code is far from perfect, however, PAS is best placed to ensure tied tenants can extract the full value from the code. 


PAS can offer tenants with independent expert advice and help in accessing the code to become truly no worse off. To reclaim the full cost of PAS service; during rent negotiations, you can add the service fee under “professional fees” on your profit and loss account, which will further reduce the rent you pay.



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