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Ordering & Takeaways (COVID-19)

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

2020/NO.19 - Looks like we are all in for a long haul to get through the COVID-19 crisis. To get the maximum return from offering a good and balanced takeaway service there have been some interesting client experiences that we thought to pass along. Not a ‘one size fits all’ and probably you have covered all of the bases but nevertheless….

  • The website menu should have a collect time slot of say ten minutes to be nominated by the customer. The kitchen then has the opportunity to stagger service and content.

  • There should be a specified collect point either inside the pub or at a convenient spot outside. Surprising the number of customers in the ‘vulnerable’ category are still very apprehensive of entering a bar in what is a public enclosed space.

  • If an external collection, then instructions to be given either to ring the doorbell or tap on the window for ease of collection.

  • Draft beer should be in their own containers which ideally should be either clear glass or plastic. Technically for an ‘off sale’, which this is, the container should be of a measurable quantity preferably in pints rather than litres. A used (and clean!) two-pint plastic milk container is ideal.

  • Staff should be seen to wear face masks and if possible wear protective gloves more than anything to give full reassurance of COVID awareness to your customer.

  • No walk-in and order, everything must be pre-ordered.  

We are sure you will have many brilliant ideas as to capitalise on your food offering in takeaway form. We hope our few thoughts might be of interest being put in place by other clients through trial and error and with great success. 

If you have any further tips or suggestions feel free to let us know, we can add them to this blog in a future update.


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