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Star Pubs & Bars – Rent Review – Essex

Our client, the Tenant of a popular and trendy destination public house, situated in a small hamlet in Essex, received a proposal from Star Pubs & Bars seeking an increase in the passing rent.

The Tenant exercised their Pubs Code rights and requested the MRO (free of tie) option after receiving the tied rent assessment proposal, enabling them to compare the two options and negotiate in parallel.

Following an inspection of the property, we undertook an in-depth rental assessment and provided detailed advice and recommendations to the client on how best to proceed.

With due consideration to the location and specific trading nature of the property, in the absence of relevant comparable evidence, relying on our experience, prevailing market conditions, analysis and approach to the negotiations, we were able to mitigate the proposed increase and reach a sensible tied rent settlement.

  1. Star Pubs & Bars Rent Assessment Proposal - £51,000

  2. Negotiated settlement - £42,000 with the removal of RPI linked review.

With our assistance, the Tenant was able to secure a rent reduction. In addition to the rent settlement, we were able to leverage our market knowledge and expertise to secure competitive terms for our client. As part of the settlement, we agreed with Star Pubs & Bars to remove the annual RPI-linked reviews by way of a deed of variation. This was significant to our client due to the inflationary pressures present at that the subject review date.


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